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Did you know that a large percentage of flexible packaging in Australia uses flexographic printing and not high-quality gravure printing?  This means that you are not getting the best quality product that is available plus exposing your packaging to more print defects. Customers then see these defects and choose not to purchase your product. Finewrap only offers high quality gravure printing that positively impacts the buyer whilst having the ability to keep gravure print cylinder costs less than flexographic.

Are you aware that most Australian print manufactures only check their products at the line and not after.  This leaves your business exposed to product malfunction.  Finewrap ensure all products are checked at the line with additional inspections during the manufacturing process.

Now most of you are aware of BPA and BPA free products. In recent times BPA has been removed from most food grade plastics due to its links to various health issues. However what you may not be aware of is the use of phthalates. Phthalic acids are used to make products such as plastic packaging film, containers and medical tubing, they are also used in polyvinyl chloride plastics to help them flex easier. What’s now concerning is early testing of phthalates on laboratory animals is showing negative effects on the reproductive system. This suggests these properties could be dangerous when mixed with food products and later consumed. Over the past 25 years the use of phthalates has doubled world wide. Consequently it’s wise to consider the use of these products and how they may effect your existing packaging or just keep clear of them.

Here is something also interesting, a vast majority of the film manufacturing in Australia uses a percentage of second-hand materials in their production to lower costs.   Second-hand materials can cause products to be compromised therefore causing product recalls.  Finewrap only use high quality virgin material to ensure you are getting only the best quality product available for your business and your product. If you are unsure your are getting the best materials possible you can use our free material check below.

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    A new generation in Flexible & Rigid Packaging with products that maximise security and shelf life. As an Australian owned business, we understand the demands and challenges our clients face daily therefore our aim is to remove any obstacles by working together cohesively.

    Finewrap takes time to understand your business’s needs whether you are a small or large business. We excel at supporting you with our high caliber food and rigid packaging.

    We deliver on

    • Next day delivery when you need it
    • Advice on packaging we are here to help
    • We find unearthing ways to bring you the most economical options on new and   existing bags, packets, wraps and freight.
    • We support our customers by delivering on business needs, quality standards and promises
    • All available (PET) Polyethylene Terephthalate, Bopp, Polyethylene, LDPE, and a  wide range of other combinations
    • Products such as Anti-fog for face shield manufacturing
    • Lamination for food packaging
    • Custom Printing
    • Large stocks of stand up pouches
    • Large stocks of vacuum seal / cryovac

    Our Features

    Some of our range

    Custom Printing

    Full range of colours including matt and gloss finish.


    Laminated Bags

    Offering double and tripple laminated bags for absloute product security


    Bread Bags

    Offering plain or printed bread bags


    Vacuum Bags

    Vacuum bags for all foods and all sizes

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    We Offer A Wide Range Of Services

    Your business is too important to rely on a beginner design. Weather you’re looking to promote a new product or redesign a existing product, we can help you design a product that will reach your customer and showcase your brand.

    • Logo Design
    • Artwork Creation
    • Artwork re-design
    • Custom packaging
    • Flexible packaging
    • Product knowledge and experience

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