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Finewrap offers flexible packaging solutions to all business customers big and small. We support you with reliable food packaging everyday, Finewrap takes time to understand your needs as a business then tailors our service to those needs. If you need next day delivery we make it happen, if you need advice on packaging we are happy to help, if you need to save money on your existing bags, packets or wraps we help you find ways to do it. Finewrap is about supporting its customers then delivering on your business needs, quality standards and our promises.


Our Features

Some of our range

Custom Printing

Full range of colours including matt and gloss finish.


Laminated Bags

Offering double and tripple laminated bags for absloute product security


Bread Bags

Offering plain or printed bread bags


Vacuum Bags

Vacuum bags for all foods and all sizes

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We Offer A Wide Range Of Services

Your business is too important to rely on a beginner design. Weather you’re looking to promote a new product or redesign a existing product, we can help you design a product that will reach your customer and showcase your brand.

  • Logo Design
  • Artwork Creation
  • Artwork re-design
  • Custom packaging
  • Flexible packaging
  • Product knowledge and experience

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